Become a Member

Membership is limited to only one person from each business classification (i.e. one dentist, one dry cleaner, one janitorial service, etc.).  This provides a non-competitive environment for our members and encourages both referrals and interaction with each other. If a classification is filled, a prospective member’s name is placed on a waiting list and they are contacted if an opening arises in their business category.

A one-time membership fee is required upon joining BEAM, and there are quarterly dues thereafter which pay for the cost for the breakfast meetings, quarterly mixers, and weekly reports on the leads generated, speaker information and upcoming events.    

For more information regarding membership please fill out our Application Form, or call our Membership Director, Celeste Binnings, at (415) 454-2951.  We will contact you and confirm that your business category is open and and extend an invitation to an upcoming breakfast meeting as BEAM’s guest.

Meeting Information

BEAM meetings convene every Friday morning at 7:15 AM in San Rafael. The formal meeting begins at 7:30 AM, thus providing networking opportunities before and after the official meeting.

Each weekly meeting features two member presentations during which the speaker provides an in-depth look at their business, a sampling of their clients and the type of leads they desire.

Occasionally, outside guest speakers will be invited to address the group, providing members with valuable information on a variety of pertinent topics including marketing, sales tips and other related business subjects, as well as community issues.  Quarterly, a BEAM member will host a mixer at their place of business – spouses, significant others and prospective new members are always invited. These mixers provide members with an excellent opportunity to enhance both their business and personal relationships with other members.

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